GPS Speedometer

gps speedometer

What is GPS?

Global Positioning System (GPS) uses satellites to provide location details to a purpose built receiver. More commonly used in satellite navigation systems (SAT NAVS) they use satellites to track the position of the GPS receiver and therefore the car.

Using this same data it is possible to calculate the speed of a vehicle by measuring the time taken between two points. Some sat navs include a display of current speed although this isn’t their primary function.

What is a GPS Speedometer?

A GPS speedometer works in the same way as a satellite navigation unit but has reduced functionality and simply displays speed and nothing else. Unlike conventional (factory fitted speedos) there is no reliance on the speed of the road wheels and so a GPS Speedometer does not need calibration to any specific model of car so one model fits all.

Where can I buy a GPS Speedometer?

You can purchase a GPS Speedometer from Furore products

Driving school secondary speedometer

There are many cars that are used by driving instructors where the factory fitted speedo is not easily viewable from the passenger seat. This creates a problem for the instructor as he is unable to be certain that the pupil is driving within the speed limit. Vauxhall Corsa & Toyota Yaris are just two examples where this is a problem. The solution is to fit a GPS Speedometer as a secondary speedo viewable from the passenger seat.

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